Special treat

This week it has been a year since we played our last shows. To keep those memories alive, we have something special for all who are interested. We recorded the audio and video of our very last acoustic show at De Unie in Rotterdam and we would like to share this beautiful document with you. Go see what Sjoerd Schipper created from the video footage he shot and listen to the audio excellently captured by Onno de Visser, beautifully mixed by our sound engineer from day one, Ilja Traas and mastered by Bart Heuts. You will find the set we played, divided in thirteen tracks, beautifully shot and edited. Enjoy! httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgtYDbewqus&feature=share&list=PLNvGcaTCCAOhM4b90nF9zpOA8T9gASUP4 Please share and tell us which songs you liked most HERE We may be 'dead' but our music lives on and for all of you who doesn't have our records yet; our dear friends at Redfield Records are selling our last two albums, our 2011 studio album 'Face Tomorrow' and our acoustic goodbye LP 'Move On', at ridiculously low prices through their Merchshop. Check it out and buy them for yourself, for others or inform Sinterklaas or Santa Claus about these sharp prices : )

What’s Up

In two weeks it has been a year since we've played our last shows after which Face Tomorrow ceased to exist. A lot has changed ever since but we'll always have a lot of beautiful memories. In that light we have a little something to remember us by for everyone who's interested, you'll just have to wait a little more, say about two weeks :) In the meantime we would like to update you on the musical efforts from some of us; we're still musicians after all. Sjoerd has been working on two projects. First of all he joined the Rotterdam based indierockers called Joshua Woods with whom he will be playing at Paard van Troje in Den Haag on the 5th of December. His other project is the doom metal band SiMON in which Tijs is also taking part. They will be releasing their second album 'The Inner Traveller' on Redfield Digital this December. To celebrate this event they will be playing on the 6th of December at Club Vibes in Rotterdam. Be sure to check these bands out! Jelle is also working on a new band; some songs are written and some recordings were made... you'll hear from them in 2014.

Move On @ Berlin Music Video Awards 2013

It's still possible to vote for the Move On video at the Berlin Music Video Awards. At midnight the voting ends, which still gives you 10 hours to click that one button at the website linked below. As far as we can tell, voting is possible multiple times per certain period, so if have already voted, try again. And tell your online, offline, in house and on street friends to do the same. So please share! Or shout if you have to... There is some competition and they are gaining votes fast! It's going to become a close call. It would be a shame to loose our top position now, on the last day! VOTE HERE THANK YOU!

013 / Melkweg / Kleine Freiheit

This weekend we will be playing the last two shows of our "Hello, Goobye" tour with Green Lizard and our final German Goodbye show. 013, Tilburg is now almost sold out so get your tickets fast! Melkweg, Amsterdam is also getting really crowded so we advise you all to get your tickets in advance! We also have presale for our final German Goodbye show at Kleine Freiheit in Osnabrück. May we remind you that we will be playing with the mighty John Coffey and that it will be the last chance to bring all your friends and family to a Face Tomorrow show! Get your tickets here: www.facetomorrow.net/tour

Our last gift

We have announced the end of our band this year, but we will not go quietly into the night. Next to our already announced goodbye tour, which will see us play a full Dutch tour followed by goodbye shows in Belgium and Germany, We also have a special gift for all our true and loyal fans and other music lovers. Read More...

The End.

This is it. After 15 years, four albums and more than 600 shows Face Tomorrow will cease to exist at the end of 2012. None of us could have ever dreamed that we would still be a band after 15 years and that we would have seen so many beautiful places around the world. These memories we will hold dear for the rest of our lives. That's why we have decided to give a fitting end to this band with one last tour this autumn. Read More...

Re-entry in the Dutch album charts! And shows coming up!

Hello everybody! We will hit the Dutch Album charts of next week at #40! After a successful performance with six shows at Record Store Day and the release of their exclusive 7" acoustic single "Worth The Wait / My World Within" at the same day, this is a remarkable re-entry and the highest chart position ever for us! We've also entered the Top Ten of the Dutch Alternative Charts at #10! Read More...

Coming up! Our exclusive Groezrock and Record Store Day 7″!

The next two weeks will see the release of one of our most exclusive releases ever! We will be releasing an acoustic 7" containing new acoustic versions of "My World Within" & "Worth the Wait". The two biggest "hitsongs" of our first two records. The 7" will come in three (!) different versions and will all have a download code in case you don't own a record player! Read More...

Kasteel show

Vanwege complicaties na de geboorte van het kind van Jelle zijn we genoodzaakt om de show van aankomende zondag met Textures in Het Kasteel te cancelen. Uiteraard vinden we dit heel erg vervelend, maar we hopen op jullie begrip.

Exclusive Record Store Day and Groezrock 7″ Release

We are very proud to announce the release of a very exclusive acoustic 7“  for 20th of April 2012 through our beloved Redfield Records (www.redfield-records.de). 1.) Purple Edition (300 copies) for Record Store Day 2012 2.) White Edition (100 copies) will only be sold at shows of the band 3.) Yellow Edition (100 copies) for Groezrock and Belgium in cooperation with Funtime Records (www.funtimerecords.com) Read More...

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